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It all started in 1970 when I was in high School, I was an amateur at the age of 15, I used to make my pocket money from developing the films in BW for my friends in school.
In my village “Bwar”, I used to develop slides films too.
In addition, I started to shoot photos for my family and friend’s events.
  • In 1975, I founded my own studio in Bwar, and started to shoot all events, especially Weddings; First in Photos only then starting 1978, I began to shoot Super 8mm Sound Cinema too.
  • In 1980, I was the first photographer to shoot all kind of Events and Weddings in Video. The camera was composed of 2 parts: the video camera and the Video recorder in VHS system.
  • In 1984, I was the first person to work with a 3 tubes Professional Video camera.
  • In 1988, First VHS Camcorder (Tape inside the camera in one piece).
  • In 1990, First to work with SuperVHS Camcorder. In 1992, First Professional SuperVHS 3CCD Docable Video Camera with Pro SuperVHS Stereo Recorder.
  • In 1996, Opening of the new professional studio of a 200 Sq meters.
  • In 2000, Introducing the new digital era, Sony DVCAM DSR-250 Pro Digital Camcorder.

    As evolving with video equipments, the photo equipments had also changed. From 35mm Nikon analog films cameras and 6x7cm format Pro to the latest Professional Digital Cameras.

    Today, a well experienced team leaded by myself is ready to cover any kind of your events.

    Furthermore, We continue to offer our clients the best we can.

Mr. Abdo Abi Raad

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